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Fresh Flowers in Lancaster PA

Homegrown Beauty

Pinewood and Posies grows hope and beauty in the pristine hills of Eastern Lancaster County on our 10-acre family farm, including greenhouses and three acres of outdoor growing space.

Family owned and operated, we make, design, and prepare all of our fresh flower arrangements on location, and we grow almost all of our own fresh flowers for cutting right here too. 

During the spring, summer, and fall, our gardens are bursting with fresh flowers and are the primary source of our beautiful blooms. Our greenhouses provide an incredible bounty year-round too.

During off-seasons, we order some flowers that can’t be grown locally, but local sourcing is always our preferred approach to fresh flowers.

Come Visit Our Lancaster, PA Fresh Flower Shop

Visitors are welcome to come experience the peace and joy of these breathtaking flower gardens, pick your own flowers, and visit our cozy flower store.

Come visit and you’ll see not only the vibrancy that nature provides, but also the hard work that goes into keeping these blooms in pristine condition. You’ll see plenty of staking and netting to support our plants and keep birds at bay, lots of ground cover to help suppress weed, and a team at work sun-up to sun-down nurturing our many plants.


Lancaster Florists Resting in Creation’s Bounty

We work incredibly hard to keep chemical use to a minimum at Pinewood and Posies, leaning on natural approaches to keeping fresh flowers pristine year-round. While we’re not fully organic, we use as little spray as possible to keep our fresh flowers – for instance, we collect praying mantis eggs in the fall, keep them cool over the winter months, and use them for aphid control in the spring!

It’s just one way we try to model our gardening techniques on the natural processes God provides.

The Best Flowers In Lancaster

With dozens of recurring fresh flower arrangements to choose from, and talented Lancaster florists always envisioning new ideas, you might ask what our best flower arrangements are?

Our Spring Delight arrangement is our top-seller every year, and Heavenscent is a popular flower arrangement over the summer months. White Christmas or Bright Christmas are fast-sellers during the cooler months.


Common Questions About Our Fresh Flowers and Flower Arrangements

Change the water in your vase every few days and add flower food. If you don’t have flower food, add a couple drops of bleach to prevent microbe growth and a few teaspoons of sugar to feed the flowers. 

Cut off a quarter inch from the bottom of the flower stem when you change the water. This is essentially your flower’s filter, and as it gets clogged over the course of a few days sitting in water, a quick trim can refresh the filter and let your flowers take a full drink once again.

Most flower arrangements will last one to two weeks.

Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight or heat: the cooler the better. You could even put a Christmas arrangement in the garage overnight, for example, to help it last longer.

We don’t work with fake flowers, but we’re always amazed how expensive fake flowers are when we see them in magazines. Our take is that fresh is always better!

Typically a $30, small- to mid-size flower arrangement will have 2-4 focal flowers and a variety of complimentary flowers and sprigs in and around the arrangement.

A flower arrangement typically starts with a vase or holder of some kind. We put plant food in the water in our vases to keep them long-lasting. We begin with accents like baby’s breath or limonium, then add 2 to 3 focal flowers (or as many as 6-7 depending on the size of your arrangement), then complimentary smaller flowers. If the vase needs a touch, add a bow or wrapping, or if the arrangement needs some more height consider curly willow or pussy willows as a unique touch.

A wedding flower budget is challenging to say depending on what you hope to do: from elaborate centerpieces to simple accents, wedding flower budgets can range dramatically.

Our wedding customers spend an average of about $1500 on their flower budget. Our prices are transparent, and you can see the full list on our Wedding Flowers page.

At Pinewood and Posies, our wedding flower prices are:

Brides’ Bouquets $100-$125

Bridesmaid Bouquet $75-$100

Boutonniere $10

Corsages(pin-on) $15

You can learn more about our flowers for weddings in Lancaster County on our Wedding Flowers page.

Many weddings use seasonal flowers, so what goes into your wedding flower arrangements might change depending on the season and your aesthetic. For instance in late summer, wedding flowers often incorporate roses, or lots of dahlias in the fall. Get in touch to learn more and see even more wedding flower examples.

A large spray on an easel, which is common for funeral flowers, is generally $150 to $200. Casket sprays range from $175 to $350. 

We also frequently make large urns, baskets, or vases of funeral flowers for memorial services for similar prices. These large arrangements are a wonderful way to bring nature’s warmth into your remembrance event.

We find that many florists use gladiolas in funeral arrangements (and customers even ask for them), but we don’t think there is any one flower for funerals. Choose what most helps you cherish your loved one.